Our Mission

The Drayton Valley Museum is committed to the preservation and exhibition of artifacts, stories and memories that attest to local collective identities and cultures to engage, educate and enrich the lives of present and future generations.

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Our Vision

The Drayton Valley Museum is a sustainable community institution that provides affordable access to all and meets cultural, historical and educational needs.

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Our Board

In 1983, a group of Drayton Valley residents formed the first board of the Drayton Valley & District Historical Society, a non-profit and registered charity  with a mission to gather, record and preserve the history of Drayton Valley and its surrounding area. The DV&DHS began collecting artifacts from 1983 onwards, and in 1999 the Drayton Valley Museum was created with the donation of its first historic building, the All-Saints Anglican Church. Still operated by the DV&DHS, today the museum includes five historic buildings and over 7500 artifacts and archival materials, and a mission to serve its community through the continued preservation and exhibition of local history.