George Kugyelka's Skid Shack

With the discovery of Pembina Socony 1 and the production of oil, Drayton Valley began to grow exponentially, as did the demand for housing. The skid shack located on the museum grounds was manufactured in the 1950s for families or individuals moving into the area. Skid shacks were named as such for the skids they were placed on to create ease of mobility for families  frequently moving for work. They were ideal for families of loggers or oilmen who often had to move to find work. George Kugyelka purchased the skid shack for only $550 in 1961. He lived there as a bachelor for the majority of his life until a few years before he passed away in 1993 at the age of 65. Mr. Kugyelka's shack did not have running water but it did have electricity, and he had a few luxuries such as his colour television. All of the artifacts that remain in the skid shack are original and were owned by Mr. Kugyelka.

The Skid Shack