The Rocky Rapids General Store

The Rocky Rapids General Store was built in 1935 by Warren and Rex Pontopupton as the second store in Rocky Rapids. The store was sold to Dave and Alice Glass in 1937, and for twenty-two years the Glass family owned and lived in the store. The Glass Store was situated  north-east of the Combs' Store, which was owned and operated by Isaac and Nellie Combs from 1932-1950 when it was passed on to Irvin Combs. The Combs' Store included a cafe in 1950 until it tragically burnt in 1956. In 1959, Dave Glass sold the business to Rene and Eileen Belva, who continued to run and live in the store with their family. Their son, Glenn, continues to operate the store in Rocky Rapids after donating the original building to the museum in 2005.

The Rocky Rapids Store